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You have just had your Gadget stolen! Here is how to get it back!


We carry expensive gadgets on us all the time now. On a flight we listen to music on an iPhone or read on a Kindle ebook reader. We watch movies on an iPad or play Flappy bird on a phone. But what do you do if you misplace that device, or worse it is stolen? What recourse do you have to get it back, if any? What are the first steps and when and who do you call, or contact, for help, and what can you do to be prepared beforehand to help in getting it back yourself? Continue reading

The Plan8 – 030 – You, Youtube, and The Police

The Plan8 today is discussing the rise of the use to pocket & phone cameras to record police and then posting it to YouTube, and the legal grounds of wiretapping laws being used to “silence” anyone who posted. A visible backlash from the police caught in wrong doing. Today the Plan8 has guests David Rittgers, a Legal Policy Analyst from the Cato Institute, and Lee Tien, Senior Staff Attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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