The Plan8 – 026 – Leo Laporte

The Plan8 host Patrick Roanhouse has the  pleasure to interview Leo Laporte. Chief TWiT of TWiT.Tv podcast network. Leo Laporte has created a little Podcasting Empire that now pulls in a millions dollar a year profit from doing audio / video podcasts that have hosts talking about a range of thing. Originally starting with technology the TWiT network has shows that focus on Continue Reading

The Plan8 – 014 – Jay Adelson

Today The Plan8 interviews Jay Adelson CEO of and Chairman of Revision3. Co-founder of  Equinix, the company that provided a neutral point of  interconnection for the segmented networks of the titan level powered networks of AOL, CompuServe, Prodigy, and other by gone big player ISPs of the early 90s. Jay Is also the CEO of one of the most popular social filtered Continue Reading