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Why There Is A Political Right Vs Left War Over Broadband Title II Reclassification


Those who beat a drum for deregulation while on the take from legacy big business don’t care about the issue of broadband monopolies. They have made this a buzzword 24 second news clip Right vs Left debate. Further showing the republican party dragging the worst performing and actually laziest congress in the history of the United States into a further international laughing-stock. So it is actually amazing that even with this fervor of Republican grand old party politics game playing it is now becoming politically feasible for the FCC to reclassify broadband under Title II status. Big business bought politicians, short of forcing government shutdowns, can’t do anything to stop it. Granted that is if the FCC does do anything though. Continue reading

Former telecom lobbyist, now FCC Chairman, proves Big Telecom wants toll lanes on internet to block competitive services and innovation.


This could be death to an all bits are equal internet, or as it is commonly called Network Neutrality. The newly anointed Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler; a former lobbyist for the cable and wireless industries, announced this week that it would be OK for Internet service providers to charge Netflix and other companies for a faster lane to consumers.

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Comcast VP Says U.S. isn’t falling behind the world in Broadband, omits their personal failure to understand graphs.

Rebecca arbogast Broadband story Truthiness

Companies like Comcast have long spouted half-truths and outright lies about delivering “blazing fast speeds” via their broadband services. But fact back critics have long shown that the U.S. is falling behind other developed nations in providing high-speed Internet access to average citizens. Prime examples of this is South Korea and the 100% broadband penetration at 100mbps to the house, Switzerland 100mbps to the house and many other European and south Asian nations with 100 mb and Gigabit service. Continue reading

The Great American Telecom Con Game

The Great American Telecom Con Game

The Great American Telecom Con Game

There is an interesting thing about having a legitimate 3rd party hard-line / cabled internet service provider, like back when DSL internet had at least 20 different options to choose from. It forces dramatic price and service competition and incentive to innovate faster and better services. With Google joining into the fray of the typically two-party ISP wired provider market of today, Google would seem just happy knowing it would break even or make only a tiny fraction of profit from its fiber internet, tv, and phone service. The goal of Google is not to make Google fiber a major profit wing it would seem from all account from their people. Yes it will  provide you with internet access hundreds of times faster at a fraction of the rate other telecom provider are charging. But that leaves many supply side capitalists asking, “why?” Continue reading