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U.S. Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH), chairman of the ultra right wing Freedom Caucus, says President Donald Trump never lies

Anderson Cooper goes in with the question, “Do you think the President lies a lot, like James Comey says?”

Ohio U.S. Representative Jim Jordan agitated responds, “I do not! Jim Comey has leaked information through a friend, to the New York Times for the stated purpose of getting a special counsel. I think Jim Comey took over an investigation that never happened before, it had always been the Attorney General who had announced the findings whether they were going to prosecute or not, but I think; so I think, Jim Comey, as I said earlier His credibility is gone since how he handled the Clinton investigation.”

A incredulous Anderson rebuttal by asking, “But come on, you have got to admit this President has said some things that are just demonstrably not true time and time again, and the list is a very long one almost on a daily basis.”

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This Will Not End Well Hacker Detected Credit Reporting services CreditKarma.com, Equifax, FreeCreditReports.com, YourScoreAndMore.com, and Transunion

Hacker group Exposedsu crack major credit report sites. Post First Lady Michelle Obama, Sarah Palin, and other Celeb credit reports.

This Will Not End Well Hacker Detected Credit Unions

In what can only be call a network security and identity protection blunder of massive proportions hackers have cracked the security for several major online credit reporting services. The Russian hacker group “Exposedsu” posted the credit reports of several important key United states political figures, political gadflies, major hollywood actors, and reality tv personalities. The credit reporting services that seem to have been caught up in this mess are Transunion, Equifax, FreeCreditReports.com, YourScoreAndMore.com, and CreditKarma.com. Transunion and Equifax being the primary of the major three public credit reporting agencies. Continue reading