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Alcatel-Lucent claims 10,000 Mbps internet over plain old copper telephone line


The Bell Labs R&D division of telecoms giant Alcatel-Lucent has today claimed to set a new world record after they successfully pushed “ultra-broadband” speeds of 10,000 Megabits per second (Mbps) down a traditional copper telephone line using XG-FAST technology, which is an extension of the protocol (ITU G.9700).
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Former telecom lobbyist, now FCC Chairman, proves Big Telecom wants toll lanes on internet to block competitive services and innovation.


This could be death to an all bits are equal internet, or as it is commonly called Network Neutrality. The newly anointed Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler; a former lobbyist for the cable and wireless industries, announced this week that it would be OK for Internet service providers to charge Netflix and other companies for a faster lane to consumers.

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Comcast VP Says U.S. isn’t falling behind the world in Broadband, omits their personal failure to understand graphs.

Rebecca arbogast Broadband story Truthiness

Companies like Comcast have long spouted half-truths and outright lies about delivering “blazing fast speeds” via their broadband services. But fact back critics have long shown that the U.S. is falling behind other developed nations in providing high-speed Internet access to average citizens. Prime examples of this is South Korea and the 100% broadband penetration at 100mbps to the house, Switzerland 100mbps to the house and many other European and south Asian nations with 100 mb and Gigabit service. Continue reading

Elon Musk sees a future full of tubes and so should you

Elon Musk Tube Future

Today Elon Musk unveiled his plans to build his Hyper Loop rapid transit system. In a funny turn, the concept is an old one. Using the similar design to the old Beach pneumatic rail transit systems created in New York city in the 1850’s. In this above ground elevated evolution of the BPRS, passenger capsules would travel at 700+ miles per hour in a zero-pressure tube creating a possible near frictionless transit. In Elon Musk’s SpaceX white paper on the project a trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco would only take 30 minutes

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