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You have just had your Gadget stolen! Here is how to get it back!


We carry expensive gadgets on us all the time now. On a flight we listen to music on an iPhone or read on a Kindle ebook reader. We watch movies on an iPad or play Flappy bird on a phone. But what do you do if you misplace that device, or worse it is stolen? What recourse do you have to get it back, if any? What are the first steps and when and who do you call, or contact, for help, and what can you do to be prepared beforehand to help in getting it back yourself? Continue reading

New Firmware update brings uncompressed HDMI output to Canon 5D Mark 3 DSLR

Canon EOS 5d Mark 3 will be getting a new firmware update. Soon the power of  uncompressed HDMI output support will be in the hands of Canon EOS 5d Mark III owners everywhere. Crap, now the DSLR nuttery begins anew. Well at least magic lantern firmware is in the works for it already too. This will be very good, but DSLR film nerds will have to wait till April 2013 for the firmware update.

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