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Netflix tells on bully Comcast, Comcast cries Netflix is lying


Ken Florance, the vice president of content delivery at Netflix, In a Netflix blog post has basically said Netflix has paid a protection fee to Comcast. Netflix did this to end the sudden and dramatic decline to the video service quality its customers started to receive if they were Comcast broadband subscribers. In the end this is something they state must end, in what they call “The Case Against ISP Tolls.” at their blog post on the official Netflix blog.

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Dave The IT Guy Sucker Punches Verizon FIOS Over Throttling His Internet!

Verizon FiOS Toll Road Speed

Verizon had to issue a statement on Wednesday after a personal blog post on a website called “Dave’s Blog”; headlined: “Verizon Using Recent Net Neutrality Victory To Wage War Against Netflix” – sparked massive outcry on the broadband oligopoly here in the USA. Verizon’s statement

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Open Internet Rules & Network Neutrality take serious blow as courts side with Verizon in lawsuit against FCC

In the Washington DC federal appeals court on Tuesday, Verizon won a very troubling decision. It is a decision that if not fought could lead to troubling ideas of “toll road” internet prices. Tiers of internet that block certain services like cable packages block certain channels in different cable packages. Independent web services and websites like Netflix, Facebook, Skype, or Google could be crippled or blocked unless you pay for a premium internet experience package while Verizon owned or partnered websites & services could be offered in the cheap basic “Channel” package. A very chilling idea but not unheard of if you think back to the history of telecommunications in the United States.
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Comcast Op Ed Letter Feature Image

Comcast VP posts disingenuous OP ED in the Philadelphia Inquirer on why you don’t need gigabit fiber

Comcast Op Ed David Cohen

Comcast Executive Vice President, David L. Cohen, has written a rather disingenuous editorial for The Philadelphia Inquirer insisting once again that offering gigabit speeds would be pointless. He states that because “most websites can’t deliver content as fast as current networks move, and most U.S. homes have routers that can’t support the speed already available to the home.” Wouldn’t it be nice to have the same level of reach that Mr. Cohen does with writing a long Op Ed like this? Continue reading