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Documentary on EVO arcade fighting game tournament is now set on “Free Play” for all to see

More Than A Game, is a  a documentary by Thomas Hewett and Jack Abbot. In it they cover the famous Evolution Championship Series, or lovingly called EVO for short. EVO is the yearly tournament for the best of the best players of any assortment of competitive fighting video games, but most famously Capcom’s classic fighter franchise Street Fighter.  Now the documentary with interviews of many internet famous gamer competitors is up for view on Vimeo for free by its makers.

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Super Mario 64 for Nintendo 64 just got unofffical Co-Op Multiplayer

Super Mario 64

The classic Mario Brothers title Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64 has just gotten a very cool new update in homebrew hacked roms. With a little hacker rom magic Super Mario 64 now has Co-OP. Video after the bump!

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Mike Mika Plan8 Video Gamer Father Of The Year

Donkey Kong “Girls Can Save The Day Too!” Edition made by father for his little hero princess

Mike Mika Plan8 Video Gamer Father Of The Year

If an award for “Video Gamer Father of the Year” was ever created, Mike Mika would win it hands down. The Creative Director at Making Fun, LLC, Mike Mika is a video game maker by trade. He has made games such as NFL Blitz, Klax, Disney’s Tarzan, and the Gameboy port of the classic Yar’s Revenge. He is one of the original members of the iOS game company NGmoco:) So to say that he enjoys video games is an understatement. But so is just saying how much he enjoys sharing them with his little girl Ellis. Continue reading

Myst game fan makes replica of the book from Myst as a fully working PC case mod

Talk about dedication to a classic game series. Reddit user Riumplus, aka Mike Ando, a beta tester from Brisbane, Australia probably has made one of the coolest single purpose PC case mods out there for his love of the classic point and click puzzle game Myst. Mike took a Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, Volume LIV, Issue 312, December 1876 to May 1877 book, a 135 year old book and hollowed it out. And inside he put fully working touch screen with Intel Z530P Atom board capable of running Half-life 2 at 30fps  Continue reading