Just so everyone knows Andy Ngo operates in bad faith and hate. He wants to be the next Milo Yiannopoulos. Ngo was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. His parents immigrated from Vietnam by boat in 1978. Ngo’s father was a collaborationist police officer working for the fascist South-Vietnamese puppet regime, which routinely engaged in torture and murder of innocent civilians. They had to leave because he was gonna be brought up on trial for crimes against the Vietnamese people prior to his hasty relocation to the United States.

Raised Buddhist, Ngo converted to evangelical nondenominational Christianity in high school. After a period of time as an evangelical Christian, he became disillusioned and took an interest in conspiracy theories and skepticism. He subsequently became an atheist and was strongly against organized religion, which was reflected in his social media activity in the form of “inflammatory language”; however, he says that language does not reflect his current beliefs, which is he loves being a cult leader of his own right wing flock of death cultists.

He graduated from UCLA in 2009 with a graphic design degree, but found it hard to find a job, mostly because he would use twitter to attack groups of faith, in particular Muslims. So as you can guess the prickly pear had long periods of unemployment and worked as a freelance photographer at a used car dealership and in various minimum wage jobs. After college, Ngo came out as gay while visiting cousins in rural Vietnam but during this time he also became an ultranationalist as well.

In 2015, Ngo enrolled in a master’s program at Portland State University (PSU) for political science, with research interests in secularism and political Islam, so he could weaponize the same tactics here. While attending the school, he joined the “Freethinkers of Portland State University” which are noted for the works of Peter Boghossian who is a professor of philosophy of education at PSU. He is noted for conspiring with two colleagues to submit more than two dozen papers of a “satirical nature” about gay dogs having sex in parks in Portland to feminist theory and race-studies journals, in an effort to prove those disciplines are academically fraudulent and don’t vet papers.

So satirical in the philosophical way that Diogenes the Dog was, you know, being a lecherous asshole who just wanted to be a dick for the sake of it. So far from Jonathan Swift or Mark Twain level satire of punching up to power and a cruel repressive status quo society, but more of a frat dude bro who hates black people and the gays and women who won’t sleep with him. So you can say he is not a fan of Karl Popper, Simone de Beauvoir, Jean-Paul Sartre, Michael Foucault, or modern philosophers like T. M. Scanlon, Pamela Hieronymi, or Achille Mbembe. The group is full of 9/11 truthers, conspiracy theorists, red pill men’s rights misogynistic zealots, and just angry men with poor social abilities in general.

Ngo first drew national attention in May 2017 after he was fired from the Portland State University (PSU) student newspaper The Vanguard. His dismissal as multimedia editor was in reaction to a Breitbart News report that Ngo had tweeted on his personal account a video clip of a Muslim student on an interfaith panel stating that in some Muslim countries, the punishment for apostasy is death or banishment. While not reporting for The Vanguard at the time, his tweet paraphrased the Muslim student’s remark in a way the newspaper’s student editor considered to be “a half-truth”, and inciting a reaction. Colleen Leary, Vanguard’s editor, also disputed Ngo’s claim that the dismissal was motivated by previous campus controversies over Ngo’s bile and rather confrontational belligerent nature. Frequently he would try to start fights with people, badgering them, and then play victim if they snapped back at him.

About 4 years ago at the time of Donald Trump’s election he started talking with a fake posh British accent. Many people talk about Andy’s self hatred and his own inferiority complex, he is a well known anglophile as well saying western society is the best society more or less ringing of the same talking points of those who are proud boys from noted founder and butt plug on live air loving no chin idiot and self described western chauvinist Gavin McInnes. He too just loves to get his neck squeezed and feel daddy’s grip. Ngo’s accent has disappeared with the fact he tried using it on national news stations after protestors famously threw a vegan powder soy milkshake he said was full of concrete at his head after Portland police chief Outlaw repeated the same right wing conspiracy theories in interviews and going on right wing radio to repeat it, that is when Andy Ngo ran with it getting over $100,000 from online contributors for his “alleged brain damage”.