The Yellow Press

The Yellow Press, illustration from 1910. This is an old Political cartoon I like to use as my wallpaper. It depicts William Randolph Hearst as a jester tossing newspapers with headlines such as “Appeals to Passion, Venom, Sensationalism, Attacks on Honest Officials, Strife, Distorted News, Personal Grievance, [and] Misrepresentation” to a crowd of eager readers, but more importantly this is two part as the rich fat cats fund it either way, left or right.

If there is profit or product to sell with news it will always have a bias. Non profit non partisan news sources are gold, but read equal amounts from multiple sources and use peer reviewed academic tools to find potential bias and then weigh those stories on the views on individual reporters and then editorial standing as well as financial standing of the publications you read. That is what is informed and educated media literacy is. Sadly most people don’t follow that idea. They usually go with whatever supports their preconceived notions. Again this is the same for both Left and Right.

More images like this can be found at the US Library of Congress