I’m watching the episode ‘Dog With Two Bones’ : Season 3, Episode 22. of Farscape. Its the episode where John Crichton (Ben Browder) and the crew of the leviathan living ship Moya are trying to bury Tayln, the dead child of Moya, a hybrid war ship leviathan, in the leviathan graveyard. While doing so they are while attacked by a crazed rogue leviathan. During this time John has these flashes of an alternative reality in which he sees Aeryn Sun (Claudia Black) and him on Earth getting married, but it’s not right. Visions of violence and death repeat over and over, brought on by John’s fears coming to the surface from a drug of this old medicine shaman woman they saved named Noranti Pralatong played by actor Melissa Jaffer. She is trying to help John heal from the heart ache of Aeryn leaving him.

It’s one of those episodes I remember watching as a teenager and going, “but they beat the bad guy in the last two parter why are they showing this depressing episode?” But I knew, I knew better, what that feeling of loss and forlorning was they were showing. It was the fear of losing love. That was the final issue, the villains were second to the issues we have with the fear of lost love. That was what John feared the most. And this was a show about a kid who dreamed of going to the stars, and who grew up to be a scientist to do it. And he got a whole lot more than he bargained for when his experiment got him gobbled up by a wormhole.

This is what inspired me to make this minute long short video.

The song I used is 古琴Guqin《左手指月》Chinese musical instrument to heal the soul这是你从未听过的气质

It can be found on their youtube channel Zi De Guqin Studio