westworld season 3 poster

I really like the show Westworld. So I’m gonna promote it here. They dropped a new trailer for season 3. The good ol fashion, “None of us are free until we are all free” story seems to be in vogue. The overall view of sentientism in popular sci-fi is now cemented universally, it really makes me happy too. Even if it is commercial products meant to sedate you as the new opiate of the masses, the expansion of large grand scale mass media for telling cultural zeitgeist stories is important. These morality plays open people to new ideas of universal concepts of what is right and wrong. Shared morals where we see flawed people surpassing those flaws to try to do right by others and themselves. Showing a truth that shows the times of all sentient kind have a universal thread of wanting to both have independence and community. Cheesy trite dime store pop culture media analysis and media theory aside, it just makes me happy. It pepper’s me with hope. It makes me want to play the game, that is life.

So here is the Trailer, for Season 3 of the HBO original Series, Westworld.