Tron Legacy Remastered

Los Angeles based film editor ‘The Vahn Man’ has tweeted that a version of TRON Legacy supposedly exists, which has been upscaled to 4K UHD resolution that is also in 3-D.

But more interesting is news that the notorious de-aging CGI effects used on actor Jeff Bridges have also been updated. Bridges reprised his role as Kevin Flynn in Tron Legacy that called for flashbacks as well as a villain of the movie the digital doppelganger named CLU. The tweets state that there is no more “uncanny valley” look for CLU. And that he apparently now looks “normal”, and much more human.

Disney had not announced any words about this “remastered” release. But news in the pipeline is that a Tron reboot or third movie Tron could now be in the works. If this remaster is to be released it might be timed with a limited 10th Anniversary re-release in theaters, next year. Hopefully followed by its release on Disney+ and Blu-ray?