When I think of journalism …

When I think of journalism I think truth to power. That when it has truth it comes through with conviction, with verified facts, with a magazine locked and loaded with credited cited facts and each piece of evidence is the ghosts of the dead finally getting justice.

True journalism is the sniper’s bullet to tyranny, autocrats, corruption, and to corporate moneyed interests. These people who do not value the self aware needs of sentient life or dignity we have all agreed are basic human rights, they fear journalism so they attack it when ever they can.

Question those who call themselves journalists when all they do is attack others in the journalistic world. Question those who call for rhetoric that wishes to keep historically bigoted people in power. Lastly Question those who wish to oppress or attack those who are obviously truly those without power and without protection and cry out with words saying help me and my family.

So I’m glade we get to see a bi-op movie about renowned war correspondent Marie Colvin.

Originally from the Maryland beltway area. Patrick lived in Los Angeles for a couple of years. Now he is based in the Portland area. In the past Patrick has been an IT engineer, technology consultant, software trainer, technology journalist, blogger, and podcaster. Currently he is returning to school for a degree in Computer Science & Engineering.

Patrick Roanhouse – who has written posts on Plan8.