Anderson Cooper goes in with the question, “Do you think the President lies a lot, like James Comey says?”

Ohio U.S. Representative Jim Jordan agitated responds, “I do not! Jim Comey has leaked information through a friend, to the New York Times for the stated purpose of getting a special counsel. I think Jim Comey took over an investigation that never happened before, it had always been the Attorney General who had announced the findings whether they were going to prosecute or not, but I think; so I think, Jim Comey, as I said earlier His credibility is gone since how he handled the Clinton investigation.”

A incredulous Anderson rebuttal by asking, “But come on, you have got to admit this President has said some things that are just demonstrably not true time and time again, and the list is a very long one almost on a daily basis.”

Jordan responds with an annoyed faced pivoting the target of the response, “Well I think Andrew McCabe [Former FBI Deputy Director] said things that are not true, and the inspector general … ”

Anderson cuts him off shocked responding, “Does that make it right [The president lies]?”

Jim doubles down retorting, “well he [McCabe] was fired for it”

Anderson fed up responds, “Well your very bold on calling out Andrew McCabe, not so bold though on the President of the United States.”

Playing Innocent and deflecting Jim Jordan states, “It wasn’t me calling out Andrew McCabe. It was his colleagues”

Anderson with a look of mild shock talks over a finger pointing Jordan, asking not once but twice,” You have never heard the President lie? Again, You have never heard the President lie?”

Jordan wide eyed and shocked such an accusation against his dear glorious golden haired orange populous leader would be placed to him stammers, “I have not heard the President, I um, he, he … he has always been square with me that’s for darn sure.”

Flustering to try to right his sinking ship, the “USS Disingenuous”. Jordan stammers like a bumbling fool with Anderson. Anderson then with a perfect cocked deadly smirk comes in asking, “But what about with the American people?”

Jordan steadying himself responds, “The American people elected him President of the United States! I, I, he …”

Cutting him off Anderson has Jordan trapped. Anderson asks again, “Have you ever heard the President lie, that’s what I’m asking you”

Jordan feigning mild insult, boldly responds,” I HAVE NOT! And the American people feel like the treatment he [Donald] has received from the top people at the FBI is …”

Anderson strikes again, “A. I don’t think you can talk about ALL the American people, but I’m asking you, just yourself, have you ever heard the President lie?”

Jordan, pulverized, frozen, starts quivering his lower lip. He slowly starts shaking his head back and forth, increasing with faster speed as he stammers a weak response, “I … have not, I …”

Jordan eyes are wide as he starts to blink fast knowing he has just been caught in a huge lie about the current sitting Liar in Chief he pledges his feudal wet-dream fealty to.

Anderson looks at him with his signature silver fox grin asking simply and sweetly for confirmation, “Really? … So when the Washington Post counts … what … Hundreds and hundreds of times [President Trumps bold orange face lies] none of those are believable to you?”

Jordan, “I have not seen what the Washington Post reported, you are asking me has the President communicated something to me that wasn’t’ accurate … to me …”

Anderson, “No, no, no, not to you. Has the President publicly said ANYTHING that is a lie?”

Jordan grasping at nothing tries to turn the liar Accusation on Anderson saying, “Well um I uh I uh um come on Look I don’t know of it, nothing comes to mind, but come on people who talk as much as you and I do, I um I um I uhhh, my guess, my guess is probably Anderson something you may of said something at some point that wasn’t 100% accurate.”

Anderson fluttering his eyes in disbelief at this terrible cold war Russian level logical fallacy of Whataboutism responds, “If I uh have I apologize for it, and I try to correct it as soon as possible.”

Jordan trying to come off like Anderson is apologizing to him smiles saying, “Fine! That’s how it, That’s how we all act!”

Anderson dryly cuts him off, “Well have you heard the President apologize and correct something?”

Jordan lowering his tone, “I don’t know if he has said something wrong that he needs to apologize for, its just nothing comes to mind right now .. I uh uh uh I’m saying that if I um would do something like that I would, I would say look if I said something that is not accurate I would deal with it, but i don’t know if the President has.”

Anderson during this looks down at his notes, letting out disapproving small nod or acknowledgement and a short ruminating “hmm”