More Than A Game, is a  a documentary by Thomas Hewett and Jack Abbot. In it they cover the famous Evolution Championship Series, or lovingly called EVO for short. EVO is the yearly tournament for the best of the best players of any assortment of competitive fighting video games, but most famously Capcom’s classic fighter franchise Street Fighter.  Now the documentary with interviews of many internet famous gamer competitors is up for view on Vimeo for free by its makers.


Hewett and Abbot’s doc follows several gamers as they train and travel to Las Vegas to compete in the United States based EVO Championships. The EVO tournament is so big and well-known now that contestants will travel from all over the world to compete. Evo 2013 boasted a record-breaking 3,538 competitors in 6,097 tournament entries and the most spectator passes the tournament has ever sold.

3id8lshIt was at the 2004 EVO Semifinals that the now famous viral video of competitors Daigo Umehara Vs. Justin Wong was filmed. It’s a viral video so epic it sets the stage to show just how dedicated and complex the level of skill the competitors at EVO have. It makes perfect sense that the documentary opens with it.

Below is both the trailer and the full length 2012 screening release from Thomas Hewett’s own Vimeo account.


Full Length Documentary: