Verizon FiOS Toll Road Speed

Verizon had to issue a statement on Wednesday after a personal blog post on a website called “Dave’s Blog”; headlined: “Verizon Using Recent Net Neutrality Victory To Wage War Against Netflix” – sparked massive outcry on the broadband oligopoly here in the USA. Verizon’s statement

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“Dave’s Blog” gained attention with tested claims and a screen shot of a support chat that claimed that Verizon was throttling bandwidth to Amazon hosting powered cloud services for residential users but not for business (expensive) clients. Amazon Web Services is commonly used by many cloud housing services using their Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). Amazon EC2 is the backend for most popular cloud streaming sites like Netflix, Spotify, Adobe Creative Cloud, Pinterest, Reddit, and many others.

Verizon FiOS Dave Blog


Verizon has strenuously denied claims that it is throttling IP addresses associated with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

“We treat all traffic equally, and that has not changed. Many factors can affect the speed a customer’s experience for a specific site, including, that site’s servers, the way the traffic is routed over the Internet, and other considerations. We are looking into this specific matter, but the company representative was mistaken. We’re going to redouble our representative education efforts on this topic.”

But there is blood in the water for Verizon here now and the internet is in a frenzy. Third party speedtest company Speedchecker Ltd has created a speedtest oriented around testing for this issue. They plan on collecting the data and then presenting their finding at a later date.