The Dark Crystal has always been Jim Henson’s creepiest movie, but when it was finally released it was considerably toned down from his and Frank Oz’s original vision. YouTube user scoodidabop has spent years re-editing the film, using Henson’s original notes and various deleted scenes to create a far creepier movie than what you remember.

Scoodidabop, or 31-year-old Christopher Orgeron, got the help of an internet pirate member “IotIP” from the old private BitTorrent tracker site Demonoid to help bring this  Director’s Cut of Jim Henson’s and Frank Oz’s Dark Crystal to life. IotIP pirated the torrented leaked original VHS workprint.


The removal of the narration and inner monologues is always a welcome change to any movie. Another interesting change was Skeksis were also not going to speak English (except rarely). You think the Skeksis were disturbing before? Check out what they’re like when you don’t understand what they’re saying.


This is the purest translation of Henson’s and Oz’s original vision of the story. Fans of the film will see something more from the movie. It is much darker and has much less exposition. This is perfect film editing as it allow the viewer’s mind do the dark and dirty work and think the absolute worst. Below is the YouTube video link to Orgeron’s work.