This could be death to an all bits are equal internet, or as it is commonly called Network Neutrality. The newly anointed Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler; a former lobbyist for the cable and wireless industries, announced this week that it would be OK for Internet service providers to charge Netflix and other companies for a faster lane to consumers.


Wheeler, answering questions Monday after a policy speech at Ohio State University, said he wouldn’t mind if Netflix has to pay for a faster lane to consumers. Meaning services like Netflix will have an unfair disadvantage to Comcast, Verizon, Time Warner or other telecom providers who offer competing services. Showing once again that the free market does not exist in a glass jar and manipulation through corporate interests. And it will make broadband access even more difficult.


So it begins again, the death of competition from crony capitalism. Once again corporate lobbyists become political crony stooges in control of government positions. Score one for entrenched massive oligopoly that is the american legal monopoly gang controlled collusion of the telecom industry. Whatever would we do without them?

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