"You Too Can Wins Awarf for Saving Internet Kitties, Not Bad" With Alexis Ohanian, Rep Darrell Issa, Christian Dawson, and Senator Ron Wyden

Senator Ron Wyden, Senator Jerry Moran, and Rep Darrell Issa win awards for supporting online ventures at Internet Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill.

2013-13-27 - IC2 Internet Freedom Day - 0001

At the Internet Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill event held by the Internet Infrastructure Coalition (IC2 Coalition) a handful of  US Congressional Representatives and Senators accept awards for their work in trying to protect the internet.

Oregon U.S Senator Ron Wyden – (D), Kansas U.S Senator Jerry Moran – (R), and California 49th District Representative Darrell Issa – (R) won awards for their help in stopping SOPA and PIPA and keeping the digital internet still a growing place. On hand was IC2 Coalition Co-founder and Board Chair and COO of ServInt Hosting Solutions, Christian Dawson, as well as Reddit / Breadpig / Hipmunk Co-Founder / founder Alexis Ohanian to give out the awards. More photos after the jump.