Is this the Xbox 720; Codename Durango?

Is This Xbox Durango?

It’s no secret that the newest incarnation of Microsoft’s Xbox game console is on the way. For two years the name ringing the halls of the internet has been Codename “Durango”. All developers have been tight-lipped and nothing as much as a peep has come out save for an unsubstantiated eBay auction of a Xbox “Durango” early dev kit.  But leaked information could finally give us a possible glimpse of what Microsoft might have up it’s sleeve for raw horsepower of the system. Continue reading

Aaron Swartz


I had a chance to meet Aaron Swartz several times. He was of the generation I grew up in. He was a great guy and had such a passion. I didn’t know him personally like a best pal but he touched all of our lives. He was a bright light of passion just meeting him the first time. He talked about technology and knowledge with hope, altruism, and a dream it could make life better for his fellow-man.  Continue reading