Ethiopian government outlaws VOIP, 15-year prison sentences possible

Troubling news is coming out of East Africa this week. International news media site Al Jazeera has just picked up that on May 24th 2012, Ethiopia ratified new legislation called the ‘Ethiopian Telecom Service Infringement Law’. The Legislation criminalizes any third-party Internet services not run by the state controlled telecom monopoly, Ethio Telecom, with Skype being a focus. However, the ban affects other services, such as Google Talk.

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E3 2012 – Joe Santulli and the Video Game History Museum

A non-profit organization is trying to preserve and share the record of video game development, culture, and history. The Video Game History Museum is a concept that sprouted out of the thirty plus years of old video game consoles that collectors at the Classic Gaming Expo have come together to start. One of its Directors, Joe Santulli, gives us the run down of the hopes for a physical place they can call home as he shows me he top picks from inside the pop up video game museum at E3 2012.

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Samsung Smart TV Cloud Gaming Powered by Gaikai and Nvidia

Gaikai Product manager Steven Parker tells us just how Gaikai will be coming to the living room in the next few months via Samsung SmartTVs with PC gaming over Cloud Computing or now known as Cloud Gaming.

Microsoft Product Demo: Xbox SmartGlass

The Xbox SmartGlass announcement was an interesting adrenaline shot in the leg for the now aging xbox 360. With Kinect being a way to extend the life of the console two years ago to to match the motion control craze, SmartGlass is a further push to unique future game play elements but also furthers the Home Theater Set Top Box-ification of the Xbox console. Not just that but it is an example of how people in the home are using multiple devices to experience television and gaming now. And yes that is a good thing.