The Plan8 today is discussing the rise of the use to pocket & phone cameras to record police and then posting it to YouTube, and the legal grounds of wiretapping laws being used to “silence” anyone who posted. A visible backlash from the police caught in wrong doing. Today the Plan8 has guests David Rittgers, a Legal Policy Analyst from the Cato Institute, and Lee Tien, Senior Staff Attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

 Some of the particular cases we focused on included:

  • Mr. Anthony Graber; a soilder who had returned home from Iraq who was video taping his speeding on a motorcycle. An off duty plain clothes officer  in his own private car pulls him over, with his gun drawn, to give Mr. Graber speeding ticket. Mr Graber then posted the confrontation and ticket on youtube. This lead to the  Maryland prosecutor to use the Maryland wiretapping law to put federal charges on him after the fact for posting the misconduct of the off duty officer. [Link]
  • A Bicyclist from Critical Mass Bike Riding NYC protest being kicked off his bike randomly by a NYPD police officer. [Link]
  • Baltimore inner harbor teenage skateboarders incident with “Dude” cop [Link]
  • University of Maryland College Park Basketball game Riot Police Assault [Link]
  • The San Francisco BART Police Shooting of Oscar Grant [Link]

Side note, apologies to the listeners of the podcast. I have a loved one who I has become very sick and I will be helping to take care of during her serious health issues. The Plan8 will be on hiatus till further notice.