Guests Kelly Sutton & Rob Blatt join host Patrick Roanhouse for an in-depth discussion about the future of IPTV & Internet Provided Video, and the future of content production in general. Our discussion focuses on the issues of IPTV. Trying to understand the semantics of IPTV and all the possible options to replace traditional TV all together. Other topics touched on include Content Creation in the future, The new Advertising method for web videos.

The topic points in order are:

  • What Is IPTV?
  • Digital TV BitRates are Not All Equal
  • On Demand Media
  • Old Media Wants To Stay Old
  • Aggregators: Boxee, TIVO, GoogleTV, Roku
  • Evolution of Online Content
  • Content & Ads in IPTV
  • Online Paid Video Services
  • Where are we going in 5-10 years?

Music “Regardless” by Albino Ghost Monkey