The Plan8 again has the hosts of the long running podcast GeeksOn. But this time we are talking about geek culture and the history of the podcast done by Aaron Hendricks, Donald Marshall, Peter Robinson, and Matt King.

The Topics we discuss are:

  • Geek Groups – some are liberal some are conservatives
  • Racist Geeks – Lord of the Rings is White Power?
  • GeeksOn podcast – the demographic is …. diverse
  • What is Geek?
  • Who is geek?
  • The New GEEK – what do you got? there is a geek for it
  • Geek; subjective to culture
  • Matt Yang King is the Black Lion of GeeksOn – he formed the head
  • GeeksOn Podcast – The Futurist Aaron is the reason
  • GeeksOn – Three Types of Fan Mail
    • Thank you
    • I didn’t know I was a geek, I guess I am
    • You saved Me – you gave me hope
  • The Geek OverLords or Geek Emperors – a title given not taken
  • Generalist Geek Hosts with Listeners and Friends to fill in the Holes
  • Rolling up in the Geek Rolls Royce – Geeks Make the Money Geeks Rule the World
  • When everyone does something for our society it becomes better
  • Group think via geeks – large problems being broken in minutes by geeks around the world
  • The Geek view of the future – Utopia Vs Distopian
  • Quoting “The 5th Element” gets you anything
  • The reach of GeeksOn following
  • What the hosts learn from doing the podcast
  • Listeners call the Hosts out
  • GeeksOn critiques geek culture … with love
  • What Geek truly is …

Today’s Music is:

“Through Stars” by Ezek1el of 8Bit Collective