The Plan8 – 024 – GeeksOn On E3

Today the Plan8 has the hosts of one the very first podcasts that started on the internet, GeeksOn. We discuss E3 Expo 2010 and gaming. The Hosts of GeeksOn: Video Professional Aaron Hendricks, Professional Actor Matt Yang King, Video Game Professional Donald Marshall, and Screenwriter Peter Robinson

Today we talk about:

1.) E3 Is back; year two, the history of the change and return of the E3 Expo

2.) The effects of the press coverage on developers to get a showroom demos for E3 floor

  • Do people understand the concept of beta / alpha software

3.) When is it righteous to call out of issues on alpha & beta games?

  • The differences between different console versions of the same game

4.) understanding the game development cycle – polish and game play

5.) Blizzard – Three show ponies, two pony on the track at anyone time

  • Starcraft – the professional gamer’s game

6.) In Game Stores for fan made content maps and game play

  • The future of mods and online game stores

7.) Death of PC Games? Onlive – internet Cloud gaming service.

8.) Gaming on the Mac – Onlive? Steam? Mac Gaming History.

9.) Motion Control – is the Controller Dead?

  • Xbox Kinect – issues
  • Sony PlayStation Move

10.) Return to Lazer Tag

11.) Nintendo’s 3DS

Today’s Music is:

“Zelda Smoke Break” by Bizcoz69


Originally from the Maryland beltway area. Patrick lived in Los Angeles for a couple of years. Now he is based in the Portland area. In the past Patrick has been an IT engineer, technology consultant, software trainer, technology journalist, blogger, and podcaster. Currently he is returning to school for a degree in Computer Science & Engineering.

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