Today the Plan8 has the hosts of one the very first podcasts that started on the internet, GeeksOn. We discuss E3 Expo 2010 and gaming. The Hosts of GeeksOn: Video Professional Aaron Hendricks, Professional Actor Matt Yang King, Video Game Professional Donald Marshall, and Screenwriter Peter Robinson

Today we talk about:

1.) E3 Is back; year two, the history of the change and return of the E3 Expo

2.) The effects of the press coverage on developers to get a showroom demos for E3 floor

  • Do people understand the concept of beta / alpha software

3.) When is it righteous to call out of issues on alpha & beta games?

  • The differences between different console versions of the same game

4.) understanding the game development cycle – polish and game play

5.) Blizzard – Three show ponies, two pony on the track at anyone time

  • Starcraft – the professional gamer’s game

6.) In Game Stores for fan made content maps and game play

  • The future of mods and online game stores

7.) Death of PC Games? Onlive – internet Cloud gaming service.

8.) Gaming on the Mac – Onlive? Steam? Mac Gaming History.

9.) Motion Control – is the Controller Dead?

  • Xbox Kinect – issues
  • Sony PlayStation Move

10.) Return to Lazer Tag

11.) Nintendo’s 3DS

Today’s Music is:

“Zelda Smoke Break” by Bizcoz69