This is the wrap up episode from E3 Expo 2010 with Guest co-hosts Timothy Torres – Lead Reviewer, , Jeffery Wilson – Editor-in-Chief, , Terry “Valcor” Lewis – Senior Editor, , Thomas Rivas – Features Editor,

1.) Xbox Kinect, The Console Addon Formerly Known as Project Natal
2.) PlayStation Move
4.) Xbox Kinect Vs PlayStation Move
5.) Nintendo 3DS :

  • 3DS Game demos of Metal Gear Solid, PilotWings 3DS, Starfox 3DS, Augmented Reality
  • Augmented Reality 3DS Demo
  • Glare issues with the 3DS, any glare looses the sweet spot
  • 3D Slider control and how the 3D image might work on 3DS
  • How the Nintendo 3DS stacks up to the Sony PSP
  • Location aware games & Nintendo’s hedged bet
  • Geriatric gamers
  • Nintendo and the new take on internet play

6.) New Xbox 360 – No more Red ring, because IT CAN’T

  • No price yet for the Kinect

7.) Journalists on E3 Media Partnerships with Viacom, G4tv, and IGN / NewCorp

  • Celebrity Focus on Video Game events
  • Streaming issues for Leo Laporte
  • Media control because of Alpha / Beta Software?

8.) games innovation

  • Conduit 2 – pushing the Wii to the Hardware limit
  • Ubisoft’s Fitness Evolved

9.) Return to Mortal Kombat – VIDEO GAME & New Movie

  • Loss of fantasy – all has to be gritty and real now

10.) Sonic The Hedgehog 4 – Episode 1

  • Sonic is to Robert Downy JR as … ?
  • Making sidekicks less than your major character

11.) Return of the Hero of Hyrule – Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

12.) Nintendo Laundry cleaning

  • Issues with the Wii and not being HD
  • Hardcore games on the Wii
  • Return of Kid Icarus – New Space Harry for 3DS

13.) Onlive – Streaming HD 720p Game play over dumb terminals
14.) Location aware games – DSi did it with DragonQuest, 3DS will do it all the time now

Panelists Best and Worst thing of E3 expo 2010

Tim Torres
Best – Kirby Epic yarn
Worst – Walking a lot

Jeff Wilson
Best – The game Shank
Worst – No hands on with Mortal Kombat

Terry “Valkor” Lewis
Best – E3 expo back to golden form
Worst – Just Dance 2, i just look silly

Thomas Rivas
Best – Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions
Worst – LA Convention Center Sony PlayStation Move Kevin Butler Poster “This Changes Everything”

Patrick Roanhouse
Best – Relaxed feel
Worst – Dealing with the PR firms who don’t respond even when calling and emailing three months in advance.