The Plan8 – 023 – E3 Expo 2010

This is the wrap up episode from E3 Expo 2010 with Guest co-hosts Timothy Torres – Lead Reviewer, , Jeffery Wilson – Editor-in-Chief, , Terry “Valcor” Lewis – Senior Editor, , Thomas Rivas – Features Editor,

1.) Xbox Kinect, The Console Addon Formerly Known as Project Natal
2.) PlayStation Move
4.) Xbox Kinect Vs PlayStation Move
5.) Nintendo 3DS :

  • 3DS Game demos of Metal Gear Solid, PilotWings 3DS, Starfox 3DS, Augmented Reality
  • Augmented Reality 3DS Demo
  • Glare issues with the 3DS, any glare looses the sweet spot
  • 3D Slider control and how the 3D image might work on 3DS
  • How the Nintendo 3DS stacks up to the Sony PSP
  • Location aware games & Nintendo’s hedged bet
  • Geriatric gamers
  • Nintendo and the new take on internet play

6.) New Xbox 360 – No more Red ring, because IT CAN’T

  • No price yet for the Kinect

7.) Journalists on E3 Media Partnerships with Viacom, G4tv, and IGN / NewCorp

  • Celebrity Focus on Video Game events
  • Streaming issues for Leo Laporte
  • Media control because of Alpha / Beta Software?

8.) games innovation

  • Conduit 2 – pushing the Wii to the Hardware limit
  • Ubisoft’s Fitness Evolved

9.) Return to Mortal Kombat – VIDEO GAME & New Movie

  • Loss of fantasy – all has to be gritty and real now

10.) Sonic The Hedgehog 4 – Episode 1

  • Sonic is to Robert Downy JR as … ?
  • Making sidekicks less than your major character

11.) Return of the Hero of Hyrule – Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

12.) Nintendo Laundry cleaning

  • Issues with the Wii and not being HD
  • Hardcore games on the Wii
  • Return of Kid Icarus – New Space Harry for 3DS

13.) Onlive – Streaming HD 720p Game play over dumb terminals
14.) Location aware games – DSi did it with DragonQuest, 3DS will do it all the time now

Panelists Best and Worst thing of E3 expo 2010

Tim Torres
Best – Kirby Epic yarn
Worst – Walking a lot

Jeff Wilson
Best – The game Shank
Worst – No hands on with Mortal Kombat

Terry “Valkor” Lewis
Best – E3 expo back to golden form
Worst – Just Dance 2, i just look silly

Thomas Rivas
Best – Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions
Worst – LA Convention Center Sony PlayStation Move Kevin Butler Poster “This Changes Everything”

Patrick Roanhouse
Best – Relaxed feel
Worst – Dealing with the PR firms who don’t respond even when calling and emailing three months in advance.


Originally from the Maryland beltway area. Patrick lived in Los Angeles for a couple of years. Now he is based in the Portland area. In the past Patrick has been an IT engineer, technology consultant, software trainer, technology journalist, blogger, and podcaster. Currently he is returning to school for a degree in Computer Science & Engineering.

Patrick Roanhouse – who has written posts on Plan8.