The Plan8 goes though our top picks of news for the week of June 7th 2010 in tech and internet culture with guest co-host Devindra Hardawar. You can also read his work on the popular movie blog and as a Tech reporter for You can also listen to him on the Slashfilm Filmcast & on his own tech show, The Symbiotek Podcast.

Today on the Plan8 we talk about:

1.) Foxconn Workers in China Say ‘Meaningless’ Life Sparks Suicides [link]

1.a) Another Foxconn Employee Dies, After Working 34-Hours Straight [link]

2.) Asus and MSI show off their tablets at Computex. [link]

3.) AT&T Changes data plans for all smart phones, death to “Unlimited” [link]

3.a) AT&T warns customer that emailing the CEO will result in a cease and desist letter [link]

3.b) AT&T apologizes to customer warned off emailing the CEO: ‘This is not the way we want to treat customers’ [link]

4.) HTC EVO 4g is out, it’s a war machine! [link]

5.) Apple possibly reviving Apple TV [link]

6.) BP Could Be On The Hook For Billions For Violating Clean Water Act. [link]

7.) What ever happened to starwars kid? [link]

8.) Zuckerberg sweats it up at D8 [link]

9.) Hulu headed to the Xbox 360 (finally)? [link]

10.) New atom chips will lead to super thin netbooks. [link]

*** Side talk ***

Gizmodo’s Article “Are Cameras the New Guns?“:

We discuss the points brought up by Gizmodo’s article. Talking about the new ramifications of consumers using smaller digital cameras and camera phones to tape & post police brutality & illegal actions. As well as the backlash from the police and the use of wire tap laws as a form of witness intimidation.

Today’s music is:

“Anything Can Happen (Enter Shikari remix)” by .skin of the 8bit Collective