Today The Plan8 interviews Lokesh Dhakar. A mild manner Baltimore based web designer and developer, you might not know changed how webpages are designed. He created the JavaScript web app called Lightbox, a new take on how to overlay information on webpages without use of popups. You use it’s derivatives in such things as Facebook connect, blog image galleries, and a host of other types of information.

In the interview we chat about:

  • The inception of Lightbox
  • The growth and expansive use of Lightbox
  • What Lokesh thought realizing he changed the path of web design
  • Lokesh’s choice to put Lightbox out under the Creative Common’s License
  • What are Lokesh’s views on the future of web design
  • Lokesh’s views on the new web technologies of HTML5CSS3, & Canvas

In the second half of the podcast Lokesh, past co-host Paul Capestany, and I talk about South-by-SouthWest (SXSW). An Interactive, Film, and Music Festival in its twenty-third year in Austin, Texas. Paul and I are both going for the first time so we talk with Lokesh about what are we to expect when we go. We also talk about what we are looking forward to in regards to the events, parties, panels, and other craziness that will happen at this popular social event of the internet connected, film, and art industries.

Today’s music is:

“A Tribute to Nothing (Atari ST)” by Ultrasyd of the 8bit Collective

“The Ballad of the Three Amigos” by Randy Newman from the film “Three Amigos!”