The Plan8 – 018 – Week In News

We go through though are top picks of news for the week of Feb 12th 2010  in tech and internet culture with guest Co-Host: Blogger / Tech Journalist: Tim Conneally of Betanews .com

Today we talk about:

1.) Unannounced Core i7 Apple MacBook Pro surfaces in online benchmarks site GeekBench’s logs. [Link]

2.) Engadget shuts off comments, tells people how to behave? [Link]

3.) Apple killed the 9.99 Ebook, amazon melts down in response to major publisher. [Link]

4.) Droid Gets Multi Touch officially for US on Nexus One & Droid phones … Conspiracy Over? [Link]

5.) NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker Lies to Congress about Boxee at Comcast / NBCU merger hearing. [Link]

6.) Senator Fraken to Comcast & NBC execs: Merger is no Laughing matter! [Link]

7.) Microsoft kills your original Xbox for Xbox Live DEAD! [Link]

8.) First Samsung Bada powered phone comes out in later March / early April? [Link]

9.) JooJoo goes into production this Month, will start shipping in March to pre-orders. [Link]

10.) New Legend of Zelda will REQUIRE MotionPlus attachments…aka the most expensive controller setup of all three consoles. [Link]

11.) Google’s Superbowl ad might make you cry a little bit. [Link]

Today’s music is:

“Colour Television” by J. Arthur Keenes of the 8bit Collective


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