The Plan8 – 017 – Week In News

The Plan8 goes though our top picks of news for the week of January 27th 2010 in tech and internet culture with guest Co-Host: Blogger / Tech Journalist: Mark Milian of The Los Angeles Time

We Talk about:

1.) Haiti, how to donate and the $24 Million raised via cellphone txt message donations [Link]

2.) & hacked by China’s Government [Link]

3.) Google Postpones China’s official Android phone release [Link]

4.) AT&T & Verizon Engage in Price War [Link]

5.) Apple returns fire in Nokia lawsuit war: Requests US Import ban on Nokia [Link]

6.) Apple tablet Rumors [Link]

7.) Kodak files patent lawsuits on Apple and Rim [Link]

8.) AT&T bug causes mobile users to jump on wrong Facebook accounts [Link]

9.) Lexicon $3500 Blu-Ray Player Repacked $500 Oppo blu-ray player scam [Link]

10.) Yelp now joins the fray with Foursquare like iPhone app check-in [Link]

11.) German Government asks citizens to stop using Internet Explorer in all forms due to security [Link]

Today’s music is:

“Rabbit Outfits (XM)” by Wiklund & malmen of the 8bit Collective


Originally from the Maryland beltway area. Patrick lived in Los Angeles for a couple of years. Now he is based in the Portland area. In the past Patrick has been an IT engineer, technology consultant, software trainer, technology journalist, blogger, and podcaster. Currently he is returning to school for a degree in Computer Science & Engineering.

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