The Plan8 goes though our top picks of news for the week of January 27th 2010 in tech and internet culture with guest Co-Host: Blogger / Tech Journalist: Mark Milian of The Los Angeles Time

We Talk about:

1.) Haiti, how to donate and the $24 Million raised via cellphone txt message donations [Link]

2.) & hacked by China’s Government [Link]

3.) Google Postpones China’s official Android phone release [Link]

4.) AT&T & Verizon Engage in Price War [Link]

5.) Apple returns fire in Nokia lawsuit war: Requests US Import ban on Nokia [Link]

6.) Apple tablet Rumors [Link]

7.) Kodak files patent lawsuits on Apple and Rim [Link]

8.) AT&T bug causes mobile users to jump on wrong Facebook accounts [Link]

9.) Lexicon $3500 Blu-Ray Player Repacked $500 Oppo blu-ray player scam [Link]

10.) Yelp now joins the fray with Foursquare like iPhone app check-in [Link]

11.) German Government asks citizens to stop using Internet Explorer in all forms due to security [Link]

Today’s music is:

“Rabbit Outfits (XM)” by Wiklund & malmen of the 8bit Collective