The Plan8 – 015 – 2009 tech recap

So the year is about to draw to a close. How best to look back on 2009 in the festive holiday trope of judging who was naughty and who was nice and  who might not make it to another new year? So today on the podcast we are taking our past panelists to talk about their personal top pick for the companies in the tech world of 2009 that were nice, naughty, and the tiny Tim!

The Panel includes:

  • The Plan8 host – Patrick Roanhouse
  • Blogger / Tech Journalist: Tim Conneally of
  • Blogger / Tech Journalist: Mark Milian of The Los Angeles Times
  • Blogger / Tech Journalist: Gus Sentementes of The Baltimore Sun

Who will end up nice, naughty or destined for the grave by our panelists’ opinions? Listen to find out!


Originally from the Maryland beltway area. Patrick lived in Los Angeles for a couple of years. Now he is based in the Portland area. In the past Patrick has been an IT engineer, technology consultant, software trainer, technology journalist, blogger, and podcaster. Currently he is returning to school for a degree in Computer Science & Engineering.

Patrick Roanhouse – who has written posts on Plan8.