Today The Plan8 interviews Jay Adelson CEO of and Chairman of Revision3. Co-founder of  Equinix, the company that provided a neutral point of  interconnection for the segmented networks of the titan level powered networks of AOL, CompuServe, Prodigy, and other by gone big player ISPs of the early 90s. Jay Is also the CEO of one of the most popular social filtered news aggregating sites, His current ventures of Digg and Revision3 with respective TechTV alum co-founders Kevin Rose and David Prager are changing the landscape of how media is viewed on the internet now.

Today we are talking about:

  • Jay’s childhood in Detroit
  • Jay’s hobbies growing up
  • What Jay’s parents were like
  • Jay’s first major jobs
  • Jay’s years shortly after graduating Boston University with a degree in Broadcast & Film with a minor focus in computer science.
  • Jay’s passion for technology
  • Jay’s views on democratic access to information
  • Jay’s roller coaster adventures in startups and Silicon Valley
  • Jay’s roll as a Father in the new digital world and how his children will grow up in it
  • And much more …

Today’s music is:

Digging In The Diamond Mines by D!4m0nD k!D of the 8bit Collective