We go through though are top picks of news for the week of December 19th 2009 in tech and internet culture with guest Co-Host: Blogger / Tech Journalist: Mark Milian of The Los Angeles Times

 Show Notes:

1.) Nvidia introduces new official 3D HD Blu-Ray Spec. [Link]

2.) Google adds real-time web results to search. [Link]

3.) Samsung teases new Linux mobile phone OS, Bada. [Link]

4.) Apple responds to Nokia patent infringement lawsuits with counter patent infringement lawsuits. [Link]

5.) L33t Palin Email h4x0r has new defense in trial, he had spyware. [Link]

6.) YouTube releases Vevo, a Hulu for music videos. [Link]

YouTube 1080p demo, The Muppets cover Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”. [Link]

7.) The failure of privacy with the new Facebook. [Link]

Mark Zuckerburg’s Private Moments open to the public with new Facebook privacy settings. [Link]

Facebook the Movie, Hollywood thinks Johns Hopkins in Baltimore,MD is Harvard in Cambridge,MA. [Link]

AMAZON LINK: Pirate of Silicon Valley

8.) Boxee shows off the new Boxee Beta preview. [Link]

Boxee Shows off … D-link Boxee set-top …. hexahedron? [Link]

AMAZON LINK: 16 GB Transcend SDHC Class 6 flash memory card

9.) UCLA engineered bacteria eat carbon dioxide, sh*t fuel, kicks ass, and takes names. [Link]

10.) AT&T blames customers for network issues, threatens metered by the megabyte data costs. [Link]

U.S. Consumers view close to 36 Gigabytes worth of data a day now. [Link]

11.) TRON2: Legacy first peak images of new TRON suits. [Link]

TRON2 soundtrack to be scored by Daft Punk, first demo of what it might sound like from 2009 San Diego Comic Con [Link]

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