We go through though are top picks of news for the week of December 8th 2009 in tech and internet culture with guest Co-Host: Blogger / Tech Journalist: Tim Conneally of Betanews .com

Show Notes:

1.) Google Starts the Google Public DNS. [Link]

Metaspoloits’s HD Moore ‘s view on the security of Google Public DNS. [Link]

BustedT Google Skynet Tee. [Link]

2.) FCC talking about spectrum re-allocation for the looming “spectrum crisis”…which could include mobile data sharing the 6MHz block with broadcast TV. [Link]

3.) Comcast Buys NBC universal, planning to control 51% of the company. [Link]

Engadget fears Hulu will be bug crushed now. [Link]

Alex Baldwin belive’s his 30′s Rock show’s Character GE Executive Jack Donaghy would hide in his office and not come out till Former GE Head Jack Welch told him to. [Link]

AMAZON: “30 Rock” Dvd Box set

4.) Motorola LaJolla  a new e blackberry pearl flip of Android phones [Link]

5.) Sony Playstation turns 15,  an evolution from home entertainment system to home entertainment computer and back. [Link]

6.) Google Visual search coming to an android phone near you soon! [Link]

7.) Machines figure out how to make their own Maths, wired article on the Cornell Computational Synthesis Labs Project called Eureqa, a software project that can find the connections between large data sets and then make the formulas it self using robotic learning. [Link]

8.) Apple Purchases music streaming service LALA media. [Link]

9.) Paypal mistakes it’s own emails as phishing attacks. [Link]

10.) Physics book sales rise as Tiger woods crash&burn affair comes to light. [Link]

AMAZON: “Get a Grip On Physics” by John Gribbin

11.) I got 99 problems, but a breach ain’t one, Geordi La Forge meme now a real song. [Link]