Today’s show The Plan8 interviews Gadget Guy Dave Matthews (Twitter). He is frequently seen as the definitive on-camera gadget reviewer for several media sources such as G4TV; covering events such as the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), MAKE Magazine; covering gadget hacking and repurposing, and several other publications and media companies. He is also known for his work as a technology evangelist, working with the open source Media Center team of Boxee. Dave is also working with social network feed aggregation platform PeopleBrowsr as well. He also has several patents and is the creator of the infamous first super cheap consumer bar code scanner the CueCat.

Today on the podcast we talk about …

  • Growing up taking apart electronics
  • Dorkbot electronics hacker meetups
  • Boxee
  • Non-Con Kinnernet
  • The most hacked device ever made
  • The future of user made bar codes

Music by 8BitCollective artist Kkrusty, with the song “Th3 F1nal C0untd0wn“