The Plan8 interviews popular internet podcast host, and over all cool geeky guy, Jeff Cannata (Twitter). Raised in California, he graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 1999 with a BFA in theater. Cannata has been acting since 2000 and has appeared in movies, commercials and theater. He became the co-host of the geek culture review podcast  “The Totally Rad Show” (2) in March 2007. He is also an improv comedian, performing with the group “The Returning Champs“. Jeff also is a member of the cast of the online dark comedy podcast “Very Angry Neighbors“. Cannata has also began appearing on the World of Warcraft video guide series Project Lore.

Today in the podcast, me and Jeff talk about …

  • Jeff’s Younger Years of Geekdom
  • Jeff’s early career as a published game reviewer in the early days of home computer games
  • What ticks off Jeff about the mocking between factions of geek culture
  • What got him into theater
  • Video Game Addiction
  • and many more ….