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For in knowing we are but nothing we are that much more important in showing our self to the universe that i am here, I am Me, and I matter. From the vast emptiness of space we given no purpose make our own purpose. We see no order and we try to order it and measure it, because we can.

“What saddens me the most today is that the agency that is supposed to protect you is actually abandoning you.”

While not codified by the government until 2014 network neutrality was the underpinning of a gentlemen’s agreement at the start of the internet as a commercial venture after then Senator Al Gore helped write the legislation that took the military Darpa Net and Educations university network system into what would become the internet we know today. No provider of service would charge another service provide extra fees accept the basic usage costs of phone minutes, and connection access.

When we went from dial-up to broadband through and with the consolidation of telecommunications companies purchasing and becoming content creators we saw those rules being bent. Comcast often tried to block upstart Netflix from its startup streaming service. AT&T like it had done in the 1930s by blocking the release of the answering machine so people would make multiple phone calls tried blocking upstarts like Skype video calls and voice calls as well as apple facetime video calls over the iPhone.

The point of network neutrality is one of simple regulation to protect individuals as they try to get to the market. The market of services, the market of ideas. Any capitalist who was genuine about free markets would be open to competition. But the fact is we see it time and time again that transnational telecom media conglomerates do not want a fair and open market. They want entrenched monopolies and oligopolies where they can manipulate the regulators to lock out competition and protect their slow and lazy business models.

They want to have a system in which they can strangle upstart competition in the crib by the use of a cudgel of government regulatory capture. This very example can be seen in the shill known as the FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, a former Verizon telecom lawyer who openly mocks people who fear the corporations who have shown time and time again they wish to stagnate technology until they control it and can slowly monetize it in a way that locks out anyone else.

Those who control the media, the corporate overlords are the new feudal lords. They tell us what to think and manipulate us for profit and to push consumerism. This is why the dream of a wealth spring of peer-reviewed knowledge that twas the world-wide web, a project by open source technologies created at CERN labs by Sir Tim Berners Lee is dying. In its place we get a private club entrance that limits those to the have and have-nots. Class warfare at its finest.

In a society where you can’t even apply for most if any above-board jobs without internet access one must ask how do we go on without seeing it as something as needed as public education or emergency services? And to those who say go to the public library … i ask you what hours do most people work and what hours do the libraries stay open where you live because most people i know work 9 to 5 and most libraries, particularly in “conservative states” close at 5, if they even have a public library.

Senator Ron Wyden and Senator Rand Paul bipartisan bill fights FBI’s one warrant hacking free for all rule change

Sometimes you must have moderation and people on the outside of their parties to fix things and to fix anything you have to meet in the middle. So it’s no surprise that digital freedoms, privacy, and protections proponents like Democratic Senator Ron Wyden and Republican Senator Rand Paul would undo the change, adopted by the U.S.Supreme Court in April, in a private vote, and without congressional involvement changed Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure.

The rule change, set to go into effect December 1st, would allow agencies like the FBI to use one warrant from any one state or federal jurisdiction to hack an unlimited number of computers in multiple jurisdictions using black hat hacking techniques of botnet hacking. This style of attack would open these compromised computers to attacks from third parties as well. It would also leave little oversight it seems to the FBI and other agencies who would now be able to do this if the rule change occurred. The bill spearheaded Wyden and Paul would block these overreach in powers by the FBI and other agencies.  Republican Senator Steve Daines and Democrats Tammy Baldwin and Jon Tester are co-sponsoring the Stopping Mass Hacking Act.  [Sen Wyden Post]

Download speed access 10 - 25 Mbps to 1 Gbps+

State Apathy And The Death of an Open Rural Fiber Internet Dream

Plan8’s favorite telecom policy wonkette and all around badass telecommunications law maven Susan Crawford has written up a piece over at Backchannel about Western Massachusetts’s fiber fiasco. This report sheds light on the national failure to provide high-speed digital access to rural America as the story of a fiber optic network project by thirty-one (31) Massachusetts towns told as their community project is indefinitely delayed because of state apathy and delays in approval and funding.

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